First Post & New Cameras


I had been told maybe a blog would be worth while to put on the site so I’m starting one now and I guess it’s a good time to start as I recently acquired three new film cameras I have some excitement for. From the picture one of the first cameras to stand out [at least in my mind] is the Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep. I have wanted one of these for some time but a good one in working condition can get a little pricey, at least for me as its limited when it comes to film. Now any of the classic SX-70’s that folded flat has been on my watch but this is a Sonar model and I was rather happy with that. The camera looks to be in great condition with little signs of wear so either it wasn’t used that much or the owner took really good care of it. While I have not been able to test it with a pack of film to see if it is working the camera was purchased for only six dollars so even if found to be broken it looks great thus making for a nice display piece.

The camera next to that is the Halina 35. The more popular version of this camera is known as the Halina 35x but this camera itself is a fun little thing. It too was in amazingly clean condition and not a scratch or mark in sight. Not only that but it also came with its carry bag and lens cap. For a buck this was a fun catch and soon I will see how well it works. I looked it over and found everything to be working including the hot shoe as the flash went off time after time without issue. The shutter release feels good when pressed which I found oddly amazing for such a cheap camera. I mean it only has three settings for taking pictures; sunny, cloudy and flash. I found each only opens the aperture in varying degrees and there is no focusing. I loaded some old film I know is good for testing but wouldn’t want to shoot when looking to get perfection so we will see what we get.

The third camera is the Beirette VSN that is half plastic, half metal. Many models were made and mine is the all black model. It too was pretty clean and picked up for a mear dollar. I’m pretty sure the lens is plastic but the camera works, hot shoe and all. The aperture can be adjusted by numbers from f/2.8 to f/22 or by various pictures representing cloudy to sunshine. Shutter speeds are from bulb, 30, 60 and 120 or by film speed. So it’s interesting that shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted by pictures or actual numbers. Focusing is based on distance. You just guess how far away your subject is and you adjust the focusing ring to that distance. Again, after testing I have loaded in some old film to shoot and see what comes out. The shutter release feels fine and is located on the front next to the lens and works well with this little camera. It also came with its respective case as well.

I have to thank Heather for finding these for me. She went to this massive yard sale thing held in Virginia. So her weekend trip to shop for deals landed me some cool items too all costing in total less than ten dollars.

I almost forgot, The Halina 35 had a roll of film in it. I found this out when advancing the film lever and Heather saw the winder was turning as well. Winding back the film not much feels to have been wound back but I guess we will see what comes out after I develop the film. I at least have a cool looking older Kodak cartridge to display with my others.



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