At least I have Time to Say Goodbye

Even if one isn’t a film a photographer there is a film that will be missed even for those who have yet to discover it. While it’s been a while since it was announced I have been sitting back taking it all in, the news that Fuji will stop production of its FP-3000B film. A peel a part film resulting in a black and white photo of remarkable whites and intense blacks will be lost and probably forever. I cannot express how much I have loved this film since the day I saw it let alone since the very first picture I took with it. As a fan of high contrast black and white photography this film gave me so much happiness and it certainly helped that it was instant. Sure, I love film photography for its guessing and waiting nature. That no matter how well you know your camera and the film stock you are shooting on sometimes a surprise could happen. Especially if you shoot toy cameras or street photography or anything that is a style requiring a moment to just come together for a split second. Digital is great and truly has its advantages but in film it’s almost like opening a gift every time a picture is developed. And while I am not one to argue film vs. digital as I love both there is a certain place in my heart for film, especially this film we all are about to lose. Even those who aren’t enthusiasts will miss it. I have friends who at times have enjoyed being able to use one of my cameras to take a picture and peeling apart the film exposing to their eyes what they just did. Losing this film makes a sad day for us all.

I have some packs tucked away in my small refrigerator and while money is tight I plan to do all I can to get more in stock so that I can enjoy it for as long as I can. Sure, the color pack film for now seems to have an ongoing life and I shoot with it as well but FP-3000B was my choice film when it came to 3×4 peel apart. I was able to take a picture and in less than a minute have the photographic print in my hand with a tonality result I found pleasing. No Photoshop, no in depth camera settings and really no manipulation to the basic photograph. Just a moment in time captured in its purest form.


There is a petition to hopefully save this film and I truly hope it is able to do as such.


Going With The Pace of Things

I am still shooting the two rolls of film through the old toy cameras I have been writing about. Nearly done both rolls but still taking my time with them. I don’t know why specifically but I just don’t feel like rushing them. I want to see what can come out of them and would rather use them for something I guess interesting rather than every day moments in life of whatever. Maybe I am missing something or maybe I am picky.

Never the less I have been shooting a few other things. Nothing big, nothing major and nothing worth gloating over. Just shooting to shoot and to enjoy myself and not to impress anyone. Nothing I feel to post as I really am not into posting everything let alone share everything of what I shoot. While I don’t mind those that shoot and share all they wish to share sometimes when you go through their galleries either on a hosted site like Flickr or they have their own domain, when they post “everything” it just gets to be too much. At least for me but it’s only my opinion and thus makes me neither right nor wrong, it’s all personal preference.

And of what I have shot my personal preference to display is this shot.

Simple Update

I’m not going to lie, I have not been able to do much of anything in some time. There have been family events going on needing surgery and thus me helping with care. I have also been working on a couple charity events and more but over all just living life which include other hobbies and interests. This is why I growing up and to this day I never really have days were I say that I’m bored because I have various interests with photography and its various processes being one of my top favorites. Still, I have other interests with some just as influential as photography and printing and others not as much. I just always have to balance them all and at this point even if there is one I do not get to touch much none of them are anything I feel worth giving up at this point to allow for more time to invest into others.


Never the less, both my newest additions to my older camera collection I have film in and have been snapping pictures at times and while curious to see the results from things I have been trying with them I have also been taking it slow. Soon they should be finished in which case I will develop the film and see how my experiments came out. Also now that some other things have been taken care of I have plans for images I have been wanting to gum print and very much am feeling the need to do so.


So while not an update with visuals this is still an update and I promise something will be posted in the next entry for one to look at and not just read about.