It’s Been A While

I haven’t written in a long time nor have I taken many photos or posted any. It’s not for lack of caring it’s just I haven’t had as much time with other projects and hobbies I enjoy doing. I also haven’t had much in the way of anything I care to shoot. Maybe then it’s a lack of motivation. I don’t know but when something does come along I do love shooting it. For example, a few weeks ago I went to a child’s birthday party at a local park and got some photos I really love. Kids have this way of making you work for a good shot. Not just an average shot but something that kind of sticks out and when you get it, it’s magic. At least to me that is. Take this photo for instance, the child was as happy as she could be smiling and doing her thing while playing a in a puddle. I pulled out my camera planning to get a photograph of a child playing in a small puddle when suddenly I got this look from her. Almost on instinct I zoomed in and grabbed this shot. Right after the shutter clicked she went back to smiling and playing in the puddle. Sure, I got photos of the puddle play but this one photo just happened unexpectedly and even if it’s nothing to no one else it sure is something to me because of the story I have to go with it.




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