My Camera Settings


We all ask it at some point in time of others, what are your camera settings? We love to ask this question especially when we see another shooting on the same camera. With that said I thought I’d talk a bit about my setup.

Now most of my cameras are film cameras with not much in the area adjustment. Some just shoot and others I can change the shutter speed but that’s it. The only two cameras I can make any real adjustments to are my Sony SLT A33 and my Minolta Maxxum 600si. The only thing these two cameras have in common is that I shoot in aperture priority mode. The 600si is a film camera and that is the only thing I do to it is set the mode but nothing more. The Sony digital camera though has a little more to it.

With my digital camera I have a way in which I like it setup mostly because of how I like seeing things. Again, I shoot in aperture priority mode but will also switch over to “Continuous Advance Priority” at times when I need to take a burst of photos for something fast going on. I don’t do this often because I don’t shoot many fast things but sometimes with children or animals its best to be able to capture what you can. Also, I shoot manual too when I need even more control.

The rest of the settings are nothing special as I shoot RAW and with the creative style of black and white. Personally I don’t use RAW files in the way that most others do. I try and keep my work not touched too much by post processing but what I do enjoy about RAW is that I can get a color along with a black and white photo. See I prefer black and white so I enjoy shooting in that creative style as set by the camera so if I need to look over what I have shot I can get an idea of how it’s looking but with RAW I can import the images into my computer and see a color version of my shot and sometimes the end result is that I like the color more than the black and white. That is how I utilize my RAW files.

I don’t change the metering or anything else.

My autofocus point for when I do use it is at the center so all I do is let it focus on what I want and then with it locked I frame my shot. I’ve gotten pretty fast at this and with the right lens, such as the Minolta 50mm f1.7, the equipment moves right along with me in speed. When it comes to focusing, auto or manual I’m about 50/50 so I go back and forth often.

That’s about it really. I don’t get too fancy or technical.


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