Simple Update

I’m not going to lie, I have not been able to do much of anything in some time. There have been family events going on needing surgery and thus me helping with care. I have also been working on a couple charity events and more but over all just living life which include other hobbies and interests. This is why I growing up and to this day I never really have days were I say that I’m bored because I have various interests with photography and its various processes being one of my top favorites. Still, I have other interests with some just as influential as photography and printing and others not as much. I just always have to balance them all and at this point even if there is one I do not get to touch much none of them are anything I feel worth giving up at this point to allow for more time to invest into others.


Never the less, both my newest additions to my older camera collection I have film in and have been snapping pictures at times and while curious to see the results from things I have been trying with them I have also been taking it slow. Soon they should be finished in which case I will develop the film and see how my experiments came out. Also now that some other things have been taken care of I have plans for images I have been wanting to gum print and very much am feeling the need to do so.


So while not an update with visuals this is still an update and I promise something will be posted in the next entry for one to look at and not just read about.


Double Exposures

Previously I wrote about the Halina 35 and in a sample shot showed that I somehow got a double exposure. While I am shooting another roll through it along with the Beirette VSN I learned how to do a double exposure. I was sure I could make double exposures as with most of these toy cameras it’s an easy process but I was more curious how I got it when I never tried to make one. I guess I accidentally pressed the unlock button to allow the roll of film to be rewound while actually advancing it. Either way, that’s how you make a double exposure on the Halina 35, press the rewind release while advancing to the next frame. I’m fairly sure that’s how you do it on the Beirette VSN as well but have not tried. To be honest, I am not much of a person for double exposures. I think it’s an interesting technique and there are times it truly lends itself to something amazing but I wonder if it’s over used, especially in the toy camera/lomography movement. I don’t know but I took some shots doing as such with the Halina 35 and will try it out on the Beirette VSN as well but only because I am playing around with the cameras seeing what I can get out of them so that in the future if I decide to use it to really capture some life I’ll know what I can do with them. It has been a while since I said would put another roll of film through each but life has been busy and I am taking my time with them. When I will have the rolls shot and developed I don’t know but I am curious as to what I will get.

New Cameras: First Test

I developed my film and got some OK results. I am not posting much here because many are personal family photos as well as most just did not come out too well. The Beirette VSN did ok but its focusing is not quite on and I do not think the optics are too great either. Despite having to guess how far something was and then adjusting the focus based on that some shots I measures out and still the focus was pretty off. The best shots seemed to be of things further away to where the focus was set to infinity. I’m going to shoot another roll and see what I get.

Beirette VSN: Seems to do best when focused to infinity.

The Halina 35 on the other hand came out much better. Its fixed focus so it’s all about setting the aperture to the amount of light one has. Sunlight and all I shot everything in the flash mode which Looking at it more closely seems to have a more wide open aperture as compared to the two other settings. In all lighting conditions the photos came out not too bad. Again, these are toy cameras so one cannot expect much but compared to the Beirette VSN it sure seemed to outshine. I’m going to put another roll through it as well because it’s a fun little camera.

Halina 35: A meal of kale.

Halina 35: Somehow I got a double exposure.

The film and flash will be the same as it was for the first roll I put through these cameras. The flash is a Vivitar Auto 252 which for the Halina works out best as the flash is slender. It’s as if one took their flash and turned it sideways. Because of this the shutter is easily used where as a more normal flash blocked the shutter. [I know because I tried.] As for the film, it’s just cheap PhotoWorks film. I don’t think it’s made anymore and at one point some years back I read were the company seemed to be in a bit of a controversy. Never the less I got thirty rolls of it for next to nothing off eBay and use it for testing. While I have various speeds of it I find I like the 400ASA in my toy cameras and since in a few days I’ll be going away for a week it gives me some time to shoot some more with these two toy cameras and see what I get.

Also the old roll of Kodak film found? Yea, there was nothing on it at all.