Do What You Can Do

I have always been one in life to live with making do with what I have and recently I have been having to make do with what I can do, mobility wise. Today marks a week since I felt a little stiff in my right hip, as if it needed to be stretched out but no matter what, I couldn’t stretch it out. By Saturday morning I was hardly able to walk or bend over or anything. It appears somehow I have done some soft tissue damage and will take some time to heal. Sleeping flat make it’s nearly impossible and full of pain getting up in the morning so sitting up in a comfortable chair helps a lot. Thus for a week now I have been sleeping while sitting on the couch and doing what I can, when I can, how I can.

Because of the situation in order to take picture I have to do things within my limits and let’s face it, there’s not much sitting in ones living room for one to shoot. I struck it lucky though as it’s the holiday season and the Christmas tree is up and glowing. So I pulled out my cameras and took some shots. Thanks to a zoom lens I was able to zoom in and make some snaps. I shot digital and I shot film as well as instant peel apart film. I’ve had some nice success with three photos making it to my Flickr stream which is odd for me as I hate flooding my Flickr.

The point is despite my situation I was able to find something to shoot and get some gems out of it. It made me think more of people with less mobility and the challenges they face being able to photograph things let alone finding things to photograph. I think maybe they look at things differently. I honestly don’t know, I just know my recent bout with limited mobility has helped me to look at things a bit differently in order to indulge in my love of photography.


At least I have Time to Say Goodbye

Even if one isn’t a film a photographer there is a film that will be missed even for those who have yet to discover it. While it’s been a while since it was announced I have been sitting back taking it all in, the news that Fuji will stop production of its FP-3000B film. A peel a part film resulting in a black and white photo of remarkable whites and intense blacks will be lost and probably forever. I cannot express how much I have loved this film since the day I saw it let alone since the very first picture I took with it. As a fan of high contrast black and white photography this film gave me so much happiness and it certainly helped that it was instant. Sure, I love film photography for its guessing and waiting nature. That no matter how well you know your camera and the film stock you are shooting on sometimes a surprise could happen. Especially if you shoot toy cameras or street photography or anything that is a style requiring a moment to just come together for a split second. Digital is great and truly has its advantages but in film it’s almost like opening a gift every time a picture is developed. And while I am not one to argue film vs. digital as I love both there is a certain place in my heart for film, especially this film we all are about to lose. Even those who aren’t enthusiasts will miss it. I have friends who at times have enjoyed being able to use one of my cameras to take a picture and peeling apart the film exposing to their eyes what they just did. Losing this film makes a sad day for us all.

I have some packs tucked away in my small refrigerator and while money is tight I plan to do all I can to get more in stock so that I can enjoy it for as long as I can. Sure, the color pack film for now seems to have an ongoing life and I shoot with it as well but FP-3000B was my choice film when it came to 3×4 peel apart. I was able to take a picture and in less than a minute have the photographic print in my hand with a tonality result I found pleasing. No Photoshop, no in depth camera settings and really no manipulation to the basic photograph. Just a moment in time captured in its purest form.


There is a petition to hopefully save this film and I truly hope it is able to do as such.