Simple Update

I’m not going to lie, I have not been able to do much of anything in some time. There have been family events going on needing surgery and thus me helping with care. I have also been working on a couple charity events and more but over all just living life which include other hobbies and interests. This is why I growing up and to this day I never really have days were I say that I’m bored because I have various interests with photography and its various processes being one of my top favorites. Still, I have other interests with some just as influential as photography and printing and others not as much. I just always have to balance them all and at this point even if there is one I do not get to touch much none of them are anything I feel worth giving up at this point to allow for more time to invest into others.


Never the less, both my newest additions to my older camera collection I have film in and have been snapping pictures at times and while curious to see the results from things I have been trying with them I have also been taking it slow. Soon they should be finished in which case I will develop the film and see how my experiments came out. Also now that some other things have been taken care of I have plans for images I have been wanting to gum print and very much am feeling the need to do so.


So while not an update with visuals this is still an update and I promise something will be posted in the next entry for one to look at and not just read about.